On November 20, 2020, the Transplantation Science Symposium 2020 (TSS2020) sponsored by The Transplantation Society (TTS), the Organ Transplantation Branch of Cross-Strait Medicine Exchange Association, China Organ Transplant Development Foundation, Beijing Medical Association and Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, was held at the Beijing International Conference Center. This forum will be conducted in a combination of offline + online, and will be broadcast live worldwide simultaneously.

The TSS2020 participants
Participating leaders

Professor Zhu Chen, Chairman of the Red Cross Society of China and Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, sent a congratulatory letter to extend sincere greetings to experts and scholars in the field of organ donation and transplantation participating in the forum, and wish “Transplantation Science Symposium 2020” is complete successful.

Professor Jiefu Huang

Chairman of National Organ Donation and Transplantation Committee, Chairman of China Organ Transplant Development Foundation Jiefu Huang, TSS Co-Chairman Takahara Shiro, Chairman of Chinese Medical Association Organ Transplant Branch Bingyi Shi, Chairman of Beijing Medical Association Guosheng Feng respectively delivered the welcome speeches to audiences. Executive Chairman Xiaodong Zhang hosted, gave a welcome speech and introduced the guests.

Professor Bingyi Shi
Professor Guosheng Feng
Professor Stefan Tullius

During the academic forum stage of the main venue, Stefan Tullius gave a keynote speech entitled “Current Challenges in Organ Transplantation”, analyzing the future development direction of the discipline of organ transplantation. Shi Bingyi gave a keynote report entitled “The development of organ donation and transplantation in China”, and introduced the development of human organ donation in China. After years of hard work, China has formed an organ donation and transplantation system with Chinese characteristics, obtain a universal approve of the international transplant community.

Professor Jiqiu Wen

Dr Arjang Djamali from university of Wisconsin gave a lecture about “antibody mediated rejection, new insights and treatment options”. Wen Jiqiu shared “Clinical experience in care of COVID-19 infected transplant recipients”. Sun Qiquan interpreted the latest domestic and foreign literature on organ transplantation. The kidney transplantation sub-forums and liver transplantation sub-forums were set up in the sub-venues. The Chinese and Foreign conducted full academic exchanges on hot issues in organ transplantation in discussion pancel.

Professor Qiquan Sun

International and domestic well-known professors, association leaders, guest members, and representatives of the media attended this conference. Foreign experts include Takahara Shiro, Yuzawa Kenji, and Toshimi Kaido from Japan, and Stefan Tullius, Xunrong Luo, Arjang Djamali, and Arjang Djamali from the United States. Professor Xian CLi and Aiwen Zhang, Professor Fadi Issa from the United Kingdom, Professor Jaeseok Yang and Kwang Woong Lee from South Korea, and Professor Mohammed Rela from India; Chinese experts include Zhu Chen, Jiefu Huang, Shusen Zheng, Guosheng Feng, BingyiShi, Wujun Xue.



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